About Fiddlehead Studios:

Fiddlehead Studios is an independent recording studio located in Campbell Bay on Mayne Island, British Columbia. We offer an opportunity for musicians to get away from the city and focus completely on their recording projects in an inspiring natural setting.  The studio is available for outside engineers to rent, or with engineer/producer Adam Iredale-Gray.

About Producer/Engineer Adam Iredale-Gray:

I am Currently living in Toronto, and working at studios around in town, I still make it back to Mayne Island a few times a year to Make albums.

My preferred approach is live-off-the-floor band recording wherever possible. Most of the projects I’ve done have been largely live, with selected overdubs, and I believe the energy of a band playing together live is inimitable. If a band is well prepared to go into the studio, they can save a lot of time & money by tracking together.

I usually do live recording with separation, with people in different spaces in the house. The main floor offers the opportunity to track together in the same room. Downstairs is a control room with views over the field and bay, and a mid-size performance space; and other spaces are available for more isolation.

I began my recording and live sound career here on Mayne Island when I was 12 years old. It started off with running sound at the Mayne Island Folk Club for many great acts, and I soon began recording at home with my computer, a little Mackie mixer and a couple of mics. In 2006 I recorded my first album for my own band Fish & Bird, and since then I’ve recorded albums for a number of great artists including David Newberry, Jenny Ritter, and The Ruffled Feathers, as well as a number of smaller demos and EPs- visit the Discography page for a full list.

As a musician, I play fiddle, acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, mandolin, and bass. I studied music for 2 years at the Victoria Conservatory, and graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2015. I have contributed instrumental tracks to many of the recordings I’ve worked on here at Fiddlehead, and I’ve played fiddle on other records including Deep Dark Woods “Winter Hours”. My bands Fish & Bird and Aerialists tour frequently in Canada the U.S. and the U.K.

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